Priestess Fall Waterfall – animated Eledryll and dransky collab

To have the access to more animated maps!

Priestess Fall Waterfall is an animated battlemap designed for use with VTT platforms. It features a stunning waterfall as the centerpiece, surrounded by rocky terrain and lush foliage. The map is designed to be used for fantasy campaigns, and the attention to detail is impressive. Players can use the map to create dynamic and exciting battles that take place in the heart of a magical forest.

The map is the result of a collaboration between two talented artists – Eledryll and dransky. Both are creators of battlemaps, who decided to join their forces to have unique atmosphere of Eledryll’s style and stunning animations done by dransky. The two combined their talents to create a truly breathtaking battlemap that captures the magic and wonder of a fantasy world.

Check out Eledryll’s patreon to see more of his static maps:

To have the access to more animated maps!

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