Dragon's Eye Cave

This is a one of the most interesting maps of the caves. I came up with the idea of coloring the pond’s bottom as a dragon’s eye pupil.

Road plains

This is the simplest map possible, but sometimes as a DM that’s all you need!

The Longest Yard

If you are old enough and this map looks familiar to you, you’re probably right abut my inspiration! 🙂 Aside of some boomer reminiscences, the map was meant to have some nice portion of Spelljammer vibe and I hope you’ll also have it playing on it. I used it as an arena for some boss fight, but this is but one use of this map. Oh, and it’s animated version for everybody!

Swamp Ruins

This map was created during my live tutorial on Wildshape VTT Editor and you can watch the whole thing down below (although it's quite lengthy and has poor audio). Swamp ruins are always a place where the evil is waiting for the adventures. Whether it's a hag or undeads, nothing good ever awaits you there.

Druidic Circle

The story behind the map is that I tried different toolset for the map building. It's not a secret I use Wildshape VTT Editor for the most of my creations. This time I decided to use a raw Unity engine with some cheap assets and I was happy enough with the results to share it with everybody. You can get the map here in animated and static versions. For Patrons there are more variations

Official Campaigns Animated Maps

Official campaigns maps such as Lost Mine of Phandelver and Descent into Avernus are also accessible for free.

Free Collection of Original Maps

Here you’ll find static and animated maps mostly with my patreon logo. You can use them freely as much as you’d like.

Support me on Patreon

If you like my creations I will huugely appreciate your support on my Patreon. You'll get the access to many more original resources and battlemaps!
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